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Storytelling is in our DNA

'Life of I' is a global storytelling initiative. We train storytellers and help curate events in front of live audience.

Explore the concept of 'self'

Live Storytelling Sessions

Imagine a safe space where you can talk about your stories of triumph, survival, and struggle. Share your journey with those who admire you and life you up. Grow and help lift others. 

Find your tribe

Meet Leaders and Storytellers

The ‘Life of I’ storytelling series provides an opportunity to reflect on our journeys, contemporary society and the issues relevant to ourselves, and the world around us. Meet 

Coming Soon

New Beginnings 2022

2022 is best time to reignite our passion projects. What are you working on? We’re inviting 5 new storytellers to share their stories with our members!

Interested? Write to us. 

'Life of I' is a celebration of 'YOU'. The 'I' we know deep down is the 'I' that benefits from these sessions.

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